Optimal Packaging Solutions tailored to your Product

 Our years of experience enable us to offer an individual, tailor-made and functional packaging that not only provides optimum protection
 but also complements your company branding and product positioning strategy.

 The packaging of sterile products is performed in our cleanrooms (GMP Class C). For products with special requirements regarding
 environmental conditions two laminar flow areas of GMP Class A are available.

 From sterile and non-sterile packaging, label design and label printing to standardized or custom tailored product boxes and shipping boxes
 we offer a complete full service including also consulting services on selection of the right packaging for your product.


      Standardized as well as custom tailored hard and soft blisters

      Flexible pouch packagings made of Tyvek, PA/PE and medical grade paper

      Development of packaging solutions according to your needs

      Nitrogen gas flushing of flexible PA/PE-packagings as well as blisters

      Final packaging including custom tailored label and cardboard box design

      Packaging validation with a shelf-life of up to 7 years for all standard packagings

      In-house laboratory to perform packagings tests including accelerated aging studies

      Packaging exclusively in GMP-cleanrooms of classes A-C


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